Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Bullying (Lost post!)

Lost post ahead!

While at work and having a rather slow day, I did one of my favorite past time which was surfing through the multitude of videos in Anderson's Youtube Chanel. To be exact Anderson Cooper, AKA the Silver Fox.

Anderson Cooper , the Silver Fox

For those who don't know, Anderson Cooper is a journalist and a news anchor for CNN. He has become somewhat of a television personality and since September last year, have delved into daytime television by having his own daytime talk show, Anderson.

Ever since Anderson Cooper have launched his daytime talk show, he would feature celebrity guest stars, have Q an A sessions, talk on various topics like children pageant shows, plastic surgery, people with strange afflictions and hobbies to pets. What he features on his show isn't exactly focused or structured like Oprah but I'm guessing since this is his show, he will pick on whatever topic he finds interesting. 

He uploads various snippets and behind the scenes of his talkshow onto his Youtube Channel and while I was surfing through it, I came across a video of Anderson Cooper touching on the topic of bullying in schools. 
Subsequently I viewed another video of him interviewing a young boy who was victim of bullying in his school and his torment was documented in a new real life documentary about bullying in schools. 

The documentary is called 'Bully' and is directed by Lee Hirsch. Have a look at the trailer below.

Bullying has become such an epidermic in the US that government bodies have tried to find ways to curb this problem. There has been too many young people being forced to take their own lives after being tormented by bullies and when the people that should be helping them looks the other way.

Bullying is now fueled even further like an uncontrollable fire due to social networking and the anonymity of the internet. Cyber bullying is another monster altogether.

In Malaysia, bullying isn't as big as an issue as it is in the US but be clear that it does happen. There have been incidents of fighting and victimizing/hazing in schools or boarding schools which if not looked into can become a serious problem.

Watching the videos above got me thinking to my own days of being bullied when I was a child.

In kindergarten, I would be tormented by two girls who would steal my things, called me names and used items such as metal pencil cases to hit me over the head repeatedly. I remembered one particularly horrible day when the girls used my coloring pens to draw all over my arms and legs. I walked over to the teacher, bawling my eyes out and showing her what they had done to me to ask for help. She looked at me disinterested and told me "Tak ape la. Small thing". She shooed me off to my seat and the torment started again. 

I was lucky enough to be transferred to another class shortly after. I don't remember the details but I think my mom stepped in when she saw her daughter coming home with coloring pen marks all over her face,hands and legs like some graffiti art gone wrong. :P

Which brings me to highlight the concern of teachers in the classroom not intervening when they clearly should. When I was being bullied by those two girls, the teacher was in the classroom throughout the entire time. 

Throughout my schooling days I've had VERY few teachers I know that were genuinely there to teach,nurture and care for their students. The rest, were clearly not there to teach but rather were forced into a profession that they were not trained for and not want to be in. 

Free periods happen way to often and I've had a few teachers sleeping in class while the classroom runs amok.  

Schools should train their teachers and administrators to ensure no student is hurt or harm physically or mentally. Any student committing an act of being aggressive or bullying should be reprimanded. It's as simple as that.

Parents also play an important role of making bullying stop. My mom stepped in. The bullying stopped as I have transferred to another class. I was one of the lucky few that managed to escape the situation but for others not so. Parents should take note of cues of their child being a victim OR being a bully himself/herself and putting a stop to it whatever the cost.

Bullying has ever lasting scars and before it becomes a problem, parents, school administration and other students must be aware of it to make it stop. 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Favourite Quote of the Week

"My dear, we are not coming here to catch butterflies...."

This is what my country manager said to a fellow colleague. As bitchy as it sounds, i had to control my laughter but i just thought it was so utterly funny.

End of random post

Saturday, April 04, 2009

A week of dodging bullets and Barcamp!

Phew, what a week! So much work in so little time and it makes it even harder when unexpected problems occur along the way.

But overcoming these obstacles is what really matters. I fought long and hard and was rewarded by getting some important things done during the long, arduous days at work.

Now, recently I made a previous post about OnLive and my sister recently came back from the Game Developers Conference held in San Francisco where she actually got to try out the OnLive micro console.

After talking to her, she shared with me some problems about this new technology. First,if you have a unit at home and to enjoy an optimized gaming experience, you better hope that the data center is nearby.

Although data center was nearby to the venue, my sister was able to detect a slight lag during gameplay.

Also you would require a smooth and consistent broadband line of 2Mbps.

Hmmm, Malaysian internet lines do not have the word "smooth" and "consistent" as part of their context so altogether right now it looks like Epic Failure for OnLive to be ever implemented here AT THIS POINT OF TIME.

My sister also bought me a pretty thing from the land of Obama!

My first Coach!
Thankies big sista!

Now,moving onto what I did today.

I attended BarCamp KL in Inti Subang!

A great event where people from different industries (IT,marketing,advertising and so forth) come together to meet with each other to share ideas and build networks.

Some attendees checking out the schedule of sessions

I wanted to go there to have an enriching experience by attending some of the talks by other fellow participants of the event.

The sessions were interesting and varied from each other such as the future of social networking, dos and donts of advertising to how to hook up with a japanese chic. :P

How to make a social networking platform by Bernard Leong

And yes, i did attend the talk on how to hook up with a japanese chic just for fun and to find to no surprise that the room was filled to the brim with men. I was one of the 3 gals in the room. It was entertaining to see how enthusiastic the audience were and after the talk there was a raise of hands on questions to the speaker who happened to be a single Japanese lady. I couldn't help but laugh and roll my eyes every now and then. But the talk gave insight on not only how men should approach a Japanese girl but also to any girl of any nationality.

I also attended a talk on the 10 biggest sins in advertising by a young speaker named Jackson Teoh. You can check out his blog here.

I also attended a session where multiple speakers would give a talk on interesting subjects like their services, industry or ideas.

Here's a video of a speaker reciting his poem after giving a talk about the current poetry community, reaching out to poetry enthusiats and cultivating it here in this country.

After dinner, I came home feeling pretty exhausted.

Tomorrow I will be attending the second day of BarCamp to check out some of the other sessions by fellow BarCampers!

Anyone with an open mind and an innate curiosity to learn more should attend!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Bunga orkid in my landlady's yard

On Saturday, I took time to actually draw which i have not done in years.

I have an extremely bad habit when it comes to drawing. I would work on a piece and when i see its has gone slightly awry, I would give up on the piece and leave it unfinished.

Throughout the entire week I have been itching to do a Natsume Yuujinchou fanart. I love this anime to bits and I knew I wanted to have the honor of drawing a fanart of it.

Natsume with Nyanko-sensei

So I spent the entire Saturday cooped up in my room,tracing over lines and rubbing it off furiously trying to get it right. There were many times halfway through the piece I wanted to give up but I managed to get it done.
It's finished!!Finally!!

Excitedly, I was preparing to reinstall my Photoshop to color it but as luck would have it, my installer CD went missing. I looked all over my room and I just was unable to find it. In the end, I would have to buy a new Photoshop installer pack. Just as I had finished my first art piece in years , I am left unable to color it!Sigh,oh well i can color it next weekend.The first dead end encountered...

As nighttime fell, Earth Hour was celebrated in my home in darkness save for the dimmed lights of candles. I turned off everything except my laptop and sat in my room in darkness while i chatted with my landlady who sat in the hallway.My neighbourhood was plunged into darkness save for some very rare few who couldn't be bothered.

Earth Hour 2009 in my neighborhood

Then today I collected my Holga camera. When i met with the seller i was disappointed to know i would indeed require a special film to use the camera.I asked him if they were easy to find and he gave a VERY unsure answer. Bad sign. Oh well I thought to myself they shouldn't be that hard to find since there is a big community of Lomographers in Malaysia.

My pretty Holga...which is useless now with no film

I went to all three shops in the malls and lo and behold, THEY DID NOT SELL MEDIUM FORMAT FILMS! Let alone normal films. With the overwhelming demand of digital format cameras it's hard to find any shop that sells films anymore. The second dead end....

I went home feeling dejected and frustrated that i was unable to do what i have been wanting to do all week!First, to complete a Natsume Yuujinchou fanart piece and to take vintage photos with my spanking new Holga!

The saving grace this weekend was having dinner with my friend and catching a horror movie with him.

We had dinner at Ikea having to fulfill over sudden need to munch on delicious meatballs. Nomtastic!

After dinner , we watched The Unborn and as much as I hate to admit it I was very reluctant to watch it in the beginning, as I knew after watching a ghost movie, it would immediately put my imagination into overdrive resulting me in not wanting to go home late and constantly looking over my shoulder.

..Evil also happens to be a big time pervert...

Turned out, there wasn't much to worry about as about halfway through the movie, the storyline panned out to be rather lackluster and predictable.

And now i'll be turning in to face another hectic week.

Friday, March 27, 2009

It's a Friday!

My favourite day of the week has arrived!

Nothing much planned over the weekend. I expect to spending time by myself and working on my art piece .

This arrived in my email that I truly feel it's worth mentioning

My Threadless shirts are on their way to my loving arms very soon!

Also in case everyone has forgotten, remember to switch off your lights or any form of electricity in your home for Earth Hour tomorrow


Earth Hour is meant to send a message to all the world leaders that global warming should be a top priority of their agenda during world talks and conferences so please do the planet a favor by switching off ALL of your electrical appliances!

However i'll have to wonder what am i going to do during that hour in darkness.

/Whips out PSP

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The future of gaming?

Recently , gaming and tech websites across the internet has been abuzz with the recent news of an innovative device that could take over world of console gaming. Imagine, we would not need to rob,steal or beg for money to buy that PS3 or Xbox that will collect dust after 2 years (like my PS2 sadly)

Yes it's that f**king small

Get this...its the size of a deck of cards . A very big difference from your regular and bulkier consoles.

Introducing OnLive, the future of gaming as the makers call it. A small and slim device that taps onto your broadband internet line for you to access a library of games for you to play. Basically you stream the games and play it online(Imagine Youtube). You would not need to download and install it onto your device. Just search for the game you want to play and play it!

This is all very exciting as this would remove the need to buy a super expensive console that lasts for only a few years. What's more you don't need to keep going out to buy games for you to play. What you need is to pay a monthly subscription (yet to be finalized),tv,your OnLive device and console.Very good for your pocket i'd say.It's also playable onto your MAC and PC.

Makers of OnLive have also mentioned the OnLive MicroConsole is cheap to make making it cheap to purchase hopefully and they have already signed on some impressive titles to their growing library of games such as BioShock,Tomb Raider : Underworld,Crysis Warhead and FEAR 2 just to name a few.

According to published reports, makers of OnLive kept the development under the radar after 7 years and have now come out to say "Forget your Xbox,PS3 or Wii. This is IT"

However there are sceptics of this new generation of consoles and for me as a Malaysian I already see one and almighty problem....


Hohoho...I will be keeping tabs on this as I would like to see if OnLive would be able to live up to its reputation.

Refer to these links to read more about it!

OnLive Official Website

AFP Report : onlive to stream videogames as online service

Yahoo News : New tech could make consoles obsolete


GDC 09: 6 Reasons OnLive Could Be a Bust

Death by an adder

Isn't it pretty?

Unfortunately it isn't mine. I was allowed to test it during work.

So another item on my wish list...a Razer Death Adder

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Threadless Sale!

The Threadless Sale is on again! Shirts with eclectic and witty designs selling for USD 10-5.

And once there's a sale, the inner shopaholic comes bursting forth.

This resulted in me purchasing these 2 shirts for USD 5 each.

Squueezzzeee Me! by vwoop

Epic Battle by Jeff Battocletti
I can't wait to wear them!